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VMWare ESX Health Monitor for LabTech

Monitor Unlimited ESX Hosts Per Month! 

Plugins4LabTech's VMWare Health Monitor plugin for Labtech uses an agent to talk to VMware ESX hosts and retrieves the CIM data for the hardware the ESX host is running on. The plugin processes this data and stores it in LabTech's database to be used in the views and alarms the plugin issues when failures are seen. You will see data on your RAID arrays and SCSI controllers, Power Supplies failures and system overheats. If the hardware is reporting it to VMWare we can see it.


Main View Menu

The main view lets you see all the ESX hosts under management sorted by Client. In this view you are able to turn on and off the collection of data, set the interval of how often the data is collected and enable alerting for any seen failures.


ESX Health Monitor main console


Client Console Tab

The Client Console tab is where you would add and delete the ESX Hosts you want to monitor. You are able to force the update of ESX CIM data by selecting to rescan ESX hosts and you can view the full CIM data list of any ESX Host.


VMware ESX health Monitor for LabTech Client Tab


Cim Data View

The CIM Data view shows all the collected CIM data on a given ESX host. If any data is in a state not considered ok then those lines will be represented with warning and alarming icons. You will also get the hardware manufactures data back and in the case of Dell that is the Hardware type and Service Tag.


VMWare ESX Health Monitor for LabTech CIM Data


Internal Alert Agent

Under the main view you can select to enable alerts. When you do this agent is created in the internal monitors of LabTech. You can use this monitor to email, ticket, alert or message anyone when failures are picked up.

VMWare ESX Health Monitor Agent


A simple plugin all self contained and easy to deploy.  Just a few clicks to configure and you have data. So easy to use anyone can setup and have it working in just a few minutes.


Watch our engineer demo plugin


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