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Agent Status


Current Version 1.0.9



Agent Status Plugin for LabTech

View Agents Differently

We were once a Kaseya house and now that we were 2 years into LabTech; why was it they still seemed to want to go to several basic tools in Kaseya to get the same data that was available in LabTech? Interviewing one of my engineers I was given a simple reason, “he liked the view..” Well, if all you need is a logical view of the data in a simple place to find, then we can replicate that in LabTech.


In Steps Agent Status

Agent Status tries to replicate the Agent -> Status view on the Kaseya RMM tool in LabTech in a simple and logical manner. We have placed a tab on the Client Console that provides a complete view of all systems and quick access to mass amounts of common data about the agents you have deployed for that client.

Agent Status - View


We provide a right click menu that can export data to Excel and open computer consoles direct from the plugin.

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