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APPAssureD Backup Manager


Current Version 1.0.1



Appassure D LabTech plugin

A new plugin is currently being developed with Plugins4LabTech garage that allows LabTech MSPs to manage Dell AppAssure Backup Cores servers from a common console inside of LabTech. The new plugin leverages AppAssure REST API to mine data from each core and send that data back to the LabTech database. Using the same processes the plugin is able to send commands back to the cores to perform various tasks like start a new backup or replication.

The plugin provides a common view of each core at the location level console in LabTech. You can select one of many cores at any location and view the protected servers managed by that core. Selecting a protected server provides details about that server and the list of snapshots performed on that system. We have many great features planned for this plugin so start following us now! 


Appassure Client View


Appassure logs


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