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CCleaner For Automate


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CCleaner for Automate

We Empower the Global Management of CCleaner

 Need a CCleaner Business Edition Key?  Click here to reach out to your Automate Sales Rep for licensing.

We are Automate 11,12 Compatible!

On-Premise or in the Cloud, whether you are "old-schooling" a LabTech 11 system ,or at the forefront with Automate 12 in the Cloud, we are here to support your needs.

Automation that saves you money

CCleaner for Automate saves you time by automating the tasks your engineers do manually. CCleaner for Automate is the smart solution

  • Easy to Configure
  • Easy To Deploy and License
  • Easy to Analyze
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Easy to Clean the Windows Registry

The Complete Package

CCleaner for Automate does it all for you with just the install of the plugin. No need to download or manage CCleaner software, you only need the plugin and your CCleaner License key and you're ready to start cleaning. Install the plugin and add your license key to the manager and away you go, that's it. Simple and Easy

Let's Get Started

The recent announcement that LabTech Software is managing the the sale of CCleaner for Business licensing and  providing free of charge the popular CCleaner for Automate plugin developed by the Plugins4LabTech team is huge for the LabTech community. Every MSP knows the benefits of using CCleaner to maintain disk space and reduce junk on client PCs but most are unaware of the amazing security tool they have as well.

CCleaner a security tool? Absolutely, CCleaner is a great security tool to assist in maintaining password policies across the client and reducing the exposed footprint of the end users. Just have a look at another plugin provided freely by Plugins4LabTech called PassPort. This plugin scans the MSP’s client base for saved password and account info. It pulls this data directly out of the local windows PCs across the MSPs clients and brings all that data back to LabTech. This tool represents just how easy it is to get to this data and if you can get it, anyone can get it. CCleaner for Automate can help prevent this data from reaching the wrong hands.

Global Views

Client Enable

Global View

Global Config

CCleaner Global Config

Global Stats

Global Stats

Graphs and Charts

Graphs and Charts

Exporting Excel Spreadsheets

CCLeaner report files


License Manager

The new license manager creates a detail view and status of each enable agent. This tool allow you to license and un-license agents for cleaning if you have a CCBE key otherwise all agents will analyze only. You able to see the online status of each agent and if CCleaner Business Edition is installed on the end agent. From the tools menu you can install and uninstall, analyze and clean and export the entire list of agents and their statuses to CSV.

License manager

ConnectWise Automate 11 Report Center

New for LabTech 11 Report Center, CCleaner cleaning reports.

Report Center


Client Console Views


New client level controls allow you to exclude locations and agents from CCleaner installs and analyzing.

Client level excludes


New Client level policies allow for very granular CCleaner policies to be applied. You can have a global policy that handles any agents that do not have a defines policy or override a Client level policy with an agent specific policy.

Client Policy


Computer Console Views

Computer console tab

Computer console


Computer level CCleaner policy

Computer config


Reg clean

CCleaner reg clean

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