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Chocolatey for Labtech Agent License (per month)

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Supports LabTech 11, 10.5, 10
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Chocolatey for Labtech


Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows (like apt-get or yum ,but, for Windows). It was designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need. It is built on the NuGet infrastructure currently using PowerShell as its' focus for delivering packages from the repositories to your computer. Chocolatey is like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind (there are differences and limitations). For those unfamiliar with APT/Debian, think about Chocolatey as a global silent installer for applications and tools. It can also do configuration tasks and anything that you can do with PowerShell. The power you hold with a tool like Chocolatey is only limited by your imagination! Chocolatey is the brainchild of Rob Reynolds, a passionate developer and technology guru.


Chocolatey packages are vetted and virus scanned


How is Chocolatey different than Ninite?

Great question, see Chocolatey vs Ninite.

Microsoft out of the box support for Chocolatey?

That's right, Microsoft OneGet uses Chocolatey , see Windows PowerShell OneGet.

The Chocolatey Plugin for LabTech

Squidworks has harnessed the power of Chocolatey and brought it into the LabTech RMM platform. This allows MSPs to control mass amounts of Windows systems and software applications in a very simple to use interface. In fact, managing software applications could not be easier when using the Chocolatey plugin for LabTech. As you read further I will go over the plugins functions and how you to can harness this power for your MSP. 

The Master Control Manager

The Master Control manager provides the on and off controls over whole system. The configuration tab of the manager incorporates licensing and the common settings to control auto installs and auto updates. This global view has some permissions you can use to control access to the Master Control Manager. Only Super Admins and users joined to the "Chocolatey" user class can access the Master Control Manager. 

Main View  

Approved Apps

This is where you setup your application list, we recently added the ability to set a repository for each application you want to control. This allows a MSP to pick and choose where they get each application. We also provide a "seed" button that will auto populate the list with the most common apps used like Java, Chrome and Adobe. The Auto Enable feature sets the application being added as enabled for all systems that are currently set to enable installs. By default any application being added to the approved apps list is excluded from install on all systems.

Approved applications

Global Excludes

You can control who is allowed to install applications at a global level and make quick work of allowing or denying installs across clients. This was completely rewritten after Beta 6 release to be more accurate and faster.

Client Excludes


See detailed information on the applications being distributed across your MSP, monitor the versions of each installed application across you client base. Have direct access to the PC consoles of each system and control installs and updates from this global view.


Global Graphs

See what applications are being distributed across your MSP, monitor the versions of Chocolatey installed across you client base and see the current daily install activity.

Stats and Graphs

License Manager

The License Manager allows you to see how the deployments are going and who has successfully licensed. From this view you can repair the Chocolatey framework install, remove Chocolatey from system, clean up old data or launch right into a PC console.

Double click your license count to launch License Manager

License Manager

Now we move to the Client Level

Client Configuration

Here you can include or exclude a client directly or select any set of apps to exclude from the client as a whole.

Client Config

Client Level System Bulk Management

Here you can select systems and applications from the approved apps list and manually install them, update or delete them. Everything is reported back to plugin in real time so you get to see what is going on as it happens.

Client systems

Client Level System Feature Management

The Chocolatey Framework offers several feature options that you can manage from remote. The most common of them is the ability to enable and disable Checksums, Auto Uninstller and Global Confirmations

Client options

Computer Level Management

Computer Configuration

We provide very granular control over who, what and when applications get installed. You can control down to the PC level if apps get installed and what gets installed to provide a very low level of control for the distribution of applications. 

Computer Config

Computer Software

On the software tab you can do one-off installs of any software from any repository for extreme flexibility. Any applications installed will be included in updates, they will get listed and version checked as part of the maintenance cycles. You are also able to update and delete software at this level making it very convenient for MSPs to manage software . Everything is reported back to plugin in real time so you get to see what is going on as it happens.

Computer Software

Behind the Scenes

Chocolatey Maintenance

This service checks based on your desired settings for systems that need the Chocolatey Application installed and also manages all versioning management of all software installed on PCs

Chocolatey Installer

This service monitors PCs for software installed and or approved and not yet installed and makes sure that the PCs get the new software based on the maintenance cycles selected.

Chocolatey Updater

This service checks for and executes updates for both the Chocolatey application and all applications installed.

All behind the scenes services will run at least once every 24 hours and can be set to run as much as once per hour by adjusting the controls in the master control.


Interested in managing your own repository?

How To Host Your Own [Private/Internal/Public] Package Repository Server [Click Here]


Watch our engineer demo plugin


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