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Current Version
Supports LabTech 11, 10.5

Documentation Project

This Plugin is in a Free Beta version through October 31st 2017. You can download and use it in an unlimited fashion and with full functionality; the plugin and any documentation through the Beta period. There will be limited support for the product during the Beta, please post to the forums at with any issues you run across.



Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows (like apt-get or yum ,but, for Windows). It was designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need. It is built on the NuGet infrastructure currently using PowerShell as its' focus for delivering packages from the repositories to your computer. Chocolatey is like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind (there are differences and limitations). For those unfamiliar with APT/Debian, think about Chocolatey as a global silent installer for applications and tools. It can also do configuration tasks and anything that you can do with PowerShell. The power you hold with a tool like Chocolatey is only limited by your imagination! Chocolatey is the brainchild of Rob Reynolds, a passionate developer and technology guru.


How is Chocolatey different than Ninite?

Great question, see Chocolatey vs Ninite.

Microsoft out of the box support for Chocolatey?

That's right, Microsoft OneGet uses Chocolatey , see Windows PowerShell OneGet.

The Chocolatey Plugin for Automate

Plugins4Automate has harnessed the power of Chocolatey and brought it into the LabTech RMM platform. This allows MSPs to control mass amounts of Windows systems and software applications in a very simple to use interface. In fact, managing software applications could not be easier when using the Chocolatey plugin for LabTech. As you read further I will go over the plugins functions and how you to can harness this power for your MSP.

Want even deeper integration with Chocolatey MSP Edition as a add-on to this plugin. Visit Chocolatey.Org for the optional upgrade to Chocolatey MSP edition and get even more out of the Chocolatey for Automate plugin


Global Manager

The Global manager approves and configures the application list you want to make available to any agents across the MSP. 


The global manager provides controls to add 3rd party repos to the applications manager allowing both the public and private repositories to store application you may want to use. We provide the ability to set up polling of the application database to auto build and keep up to date all available applications on the public or 3rd party repos. You can auto poll the repos and have them pre-populate the application list based on what the repo has available to you. You can use our Display Only Approved Applications control to remove any applications from the list that are not approved by Chocolatey moderators. 

 Global Chocolatey for Automate Manager

Add packages to the approved packages list

When adding packages to the approved packages list the plugin will automatically poll the repository for all relevant data and verifies that the packages exists and is available.


Add Chocolatey package


Poll Repositories

You can deploy an application poller to your Labtech server which will maintain your application lists and version numbers. This is optional as you can just use the Add New Package tool to add a select set of packages. Polling will bring in all applications available on repo.


Deploy Chocolatey Scanner


Add more Repositories

Using the Add Repo tool you can add 3rd party repos to use with the approved applications lists. This allows you to deploy any package from any source.

Repository manager for Chocolatey


Enable Your Clients

Each client has an Enable and Suspend button to stop or cancel application management on any client inside the MSP. Using the client console you can select from the approved apps list and enable or disable the installation or update of applications for servers and workstations.

Chocolatey Client Tab


The client console provides a agent view, this allows you to see what agents are enabled and how many applications are currently installed. You can control the agents from this view by selecting the boxes provided.

Client tab agent enabler for chocolatey


Clicking on an image from the Application list will launch a client wide wizard. You can use this wizard to complete several tasks at the client level.



Client Wizard For Chocolatey



Computer console

This console allows you to manage the agent directly. You can see what is installed and what applications are pending. You can disable the agent or suspend the agent from this control.


Computer Console for Chocolatey


Selecting a package from the application list will launch a agent wizard. This wizard allows you to install, update and remove applications manually.

Agent wizard for Chocolatey


Chocolatey for Automate also has automated functions that will maintain the system and provide for the automated installs and updates of applications with no extra setups from you. Just install the plugin , add some packages to the approved apps list and enable a client. The rest will automatically happen with no direct input from the MSP.



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