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Filehog Storage Analyzer Plugin


Current Version  1.0.4


File Hog

FileHog is a file stating tool that collects filenames and paths for all files that meet the search criteria provided.

FileHog allows you to configure search parameters and search drives and folders for files that match filters, attributes, file dates and file sizes. Would you like to know how many files over 10 Mb is on a PC and where? What about all hidden files in the user's home directory; or maybe you want all files on the C drive that have the word “Contract” in the name that are also “Zip” files, but only ones over 50 MB. 

Yeap you can do that too…

You can search files by location, last change date, files size, attributes or plain text filter or by using any combination of these filters you can search for files across an drive or folder location.

But wait there’s more…

As on version 1.0.1 you have a Client Tab that allows you to scan the PCs of an entire Client for the same search parameters and see what each computer replies with in the same comfortable view as at the computer level.

Using the Configure Tab to modify the search criteria for this PC and save the configuration, then select the Scan button to start a scan using those settings.

Scans take on average 2 to 5 minutes to complete and will be displayed on the File Viewer Tab. You can monitor the Scripts tab for the completion of the scans and to troubleshoot issues like was my file returned to big for LabTech.

You can export the file list to Excel once scan is completed, the Export to Excel can take some time if you have returned a lot of data. Ten minutes for 5000 records is not unlikely.

LT has limited the file content copy to 2 MB files max. If data fails to show then the most likely cause is the SQL file C:\windows\LTSVC\FileHog\filehog.sql is over 2 MB in size. Re-craft your search by adjusting files sizes and minimum date to reduce the max return on scans.

File hog Configure


Main View


Client View

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