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Go Postal Exchange Server Reporting Plugin


Current Version 1.0.2




Go Postal


Go Postal is a Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013 reporting plugin for LabTech that uses Powershell to generate reports on each Exchange server being managed by the LabTech RMM platform. The plugin searches all systems for Exchange server software and if it finds a compatible system it adds it to the list of Exchange servers. By selecting an Exchange server you can request the report from that Exchange server in real time and it will retrieve that report directly from the exchange server. 

Go Postal's main view

What you will get when running the script? Overview of the following

  1. Exchange Servers in your organization
    [Break down by AD Site]
    [Info about External and Internal Web services names]
    [Mailbox Count per AD Site]
    • O.S version
    • O.S Service Pack level
    • Exchange Service health
    • Up time in days
    • Exchange Version
    • Exchange Service Level
    • Exchange Rollup Update Information
    • Exchange Role(s)
    • Number of mailboxes in case of MBX role
  2. Database Full Inventory
    [Break down by DAG]
    [Separate Table for Recovery DBs]
    [Separate Table for Non DAG DBs]
    [Table per DAG]
    • DB Name
    • Server Location
    • Mailbox Count
    • Average Mailbox Size
    • Archive Mailbox Count
    • Average Archive Mailbox Size
    • Mount Status
    • DB Size
    • Storage Group Name (Pre E2010)
    • White Space
    • Circular Logging
    • DB Disk Free Percentage
    • Log Disk Free Percentage
    • Last Full Backup Date
    • Backed up Since (Days) – with customized thresholds
    • Quota Info: Prohibit Send
    • Quota Info: Prohibit Send and Receive
    • DB Activation Preference Check [Is it mounted on the preferred Server?]
    • DB Copy Location and Activation Preference assignment
  3. Mailbox Type Aggregated Data
    • User Mailbox Count
    • Shared Mailbox Count
    • Room Mailbox Count
    • Discovery Mailbox Count
  4. Exchange Server Aggregated Data
    • Total Number of Exchange Servers break down by
      • Version
      • Role
  5. Mailbox Aggregated Data
    [Overall Statistics for the Organization]
    • Total Mailbox Count
    • Total databases Size
    • Total Archive Count
    • Total Archive Size
    • Average Archive Size

If your import of the scripts fails to create the PowerShell script in your L:\transfer\Scripts folder then you can download that script here

Get Powershell script

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