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Magma for LabTech


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Magma for LabTech

Magma for Labtech is all about the colors and the visuals are really easy to understand. By using common colors and icons to represent a visual heath spectrum, the monitors stand out where they may not be seen as easily in other solutions. For example, In the pictures we see “Green“, green is good but as you look further you can see both diamonds and smiley faces depicted for each client we have activate monitors for. This minor change in the visual spectrum lets you know that recent events have happened with the P4L client at some point in the last 24 hours, where diamonds depict the nothing has changed for this client for at least 24 hours. This varying degree of good helps you quickly determine where your time and review should be spent.


 Each client integrates directly into the Magma Interface

Magma Main View



 You can navigate between each client exposing the groups and agents underneath. 

Magma client view


Get detailed information on the health of the agents. 

Magma monitor view


Get short and long term availability of all agent services being monitored.

Magma Availability


The system is easy to deploy using our plugin. 

Magma Install


Deploy and define enabled agents and the monitors assigned to them.



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