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Provide Browsing Metrics to Your Clients

Surflog is a tool that reports on the browsing usage of Windows Users across a LabTech RMM environment. We produce metrics on data like what browsers are used, hourly activity and top sites visited.

Bring value to your customers by providing user metrics and browsing data to reports and Human Resources.

Graphs and Charts

Visual representation of mass amounts of data is key to managing the ebb and flow of users browsing patterns.

Transfer Data

Getting data from your SurfLog Tool to other applications is as easy as exporting it to Excel


Turn on the master switch, enable a client and away SurfLog goes. Fully automated collection of data and you control the frequency.

Powerful Metrics

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Get details about user patterns in brilliant and vibrant colors! See where the bulk of the clients browsing time is spent and by what browsers. Get a view of user consumption as it compares to the other users around them.

Extreme Detail

When detail is needed this view provides it. Get each request a user has made using any browser on the end system. Multiple user profiles and terminal servers do not get lost here as we collect it all.

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